We started with the intent to make the best frozen flavored desserts, ANYWHERE and are off to a fantastic start!  With our loyal customers by our side we are on a mission to change how the world views ice cream and shaved ice. Plain old chocolate and vanilla soft serve are good but why not try a mint apple pie with candied walnuts? Or a white chocolate

mocha with crushed snickers? But that's not the only change you'll experience - how about a dreamcicle cherry coconut striped hawaiian ice?  In fact we offer over a thousand combinations of ice cream, shaved ice and slushies to challenge your taste buds!  Our goal is for everyone who tastes our desserts to experience incredible, memorable flavors they can't wait to tell their friends about.  Little and big kids alike have helped us fine tune our flavors and selection. To ensure we reap the benefit of yours and hundreds of satisfied customers, help us continually improve and PLEASE send us your comments - we WILL listen.